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A Continuing Care Retirement Community in the City of Baltimore.


They’re not considered “extra.” They’re the standard.

Roland Park Place offers a number of services and amenities included in the monthly service fee for Residents. Each one is designed to offer flexibility and comfort to provide a distinctly carefree and effortless independent living experience. From the first greeting at the reception desk, to the community’s private convenience store, bank and library, amenities offered at RPP are second to none, and strive to meet and exceed even the highest expectations. The days of shoveling snow off the sidewalk, saving your on-street parking space with a lawn chair during the winter (one of Baltimore’s favorite controversies!), or even mowing the lawn (for the tenth time this summer…) are gone as RPP’s dedicated staff takes immaculate care of the grounds, the housekeeping and other chores, leaving you time to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Whether it’s chipping the ice off your car after a winter storm; helping you through a technical difficulty on a tablet, computer or TV; or even serving up a mouth-watering dinner menu with some of your favorite comfort foods, the amenities and services at Roland Park Place are exceptional and customary for everyone.

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