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A Continuing Care Retirement Community in the City of Baltimore.

Resident Spaces

Art Studio

The Stone Hill Studio is a multi-functional Resident space for individual artists and art classes. The knitting club also gathers here and each year they donate an astonishing amount of clothes, hats, scarves, mittens and more to those in need in Baltimore. In addition to the knitters’ donations, the quilting group similarly donates to the needy, and this is also the location for Food Bank Donations and Battery and Eye Glass recycling drop-offs.

Dot Com Center                                      

Most Residents have their own computers, laptops and tablets, but there is also a computer room with four computers and a printer for those Residents who do not have their own devices or for family members who come to visit. In addition, Roland Park Place offers free high-speed wi-fi for guests and residents, as well as personal technical support.

Kraushaar Library

library space

The library at Roland Park Place is run by Resident volunteers, many of whom are experienced or retired librarians.  The library houses large print books and many current titles. A few times a year, the library will sell some of its inventory to raise money and make room for newer books. There is also a copy machine located within the RPP library exclusively for the use of Residents.

Clipper Mill Commons

The Clipper Mill Commons is the venue for most religious services at RPP. It’s also a great meeting space for large groups and home to the singing club because of both the piano and organ. The CMC is also a great location for small lectures and movie series.

Greenway Boardroom

The Greenway Room is a terrific meeting space for clubs, luncheons and private dinners. It is adjacent to the main kitchen making it an ideal venue for a catered event. Roland Park Place often donates this space to local community organizations or groups in need of a meeting place.

Margaret Bright Social Room

The Margaret Bright Social Room is a great place for Residents to gather to play Bridge, participate in Coffee and Conversation, Celebrate a Happy Hour or a private function.  It can also be a quiet place to read the shared daily newspapers and magazines, play games, meet with a small club (like the French Club) or even watch TV.

Kittery Lane

Roland Park Place billiards players enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of Kittery Lane for a game of pool with family and friends.

Beauty Salon

The Beauty Salon offers services for both women and men including haircuts and styles and manicure and pedicure services. Therapeutic Massage Services are available through the Fitness and Aquatics Center.

Woodbury Commons

Woodbury Commons is another great meeting area and great for parties and family functions.

Resident Gardening Areas

For those with a love for gardening flowers or vegetables, Roland Park Place offers Residents raised gardening plots, in addition to whatever container gardening they like to do on their personal balconies. These raised planting beds make it easy to grow favorite flowers and vegetables without having to bend too far and eases strain on the back and joints during gardening.

Putting Green

The putting green in the RPP courtyard offers Residents the opportunity to work on their short game. The Fitness & Aquatics Center also organizes a friendly putting tournament throughout the warmer months.

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