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A Continuing Care Retirement Community in the City of Baltimore.


Fitness, Aquatics & Dance

Every resident can enhance the quality of his or her life at Roland Park Place through regular land-based or water exercise. Health benefits include prevention of certain diseases, decreasing the risk of falls and strokes, improved sleep, decreased blood pressure, increased flexibility and range of motion, soothing painful joints, strengthening and relaxing muscles, and improving mood and general well-being. We believe you can’t put a price tag on physical fitness, which is why these wellness initiatives are all included in the monthly service fee for Residents. That means Residents have unlimited access to all wellness programming for no additional charge to them or their family members.



Maintaining autonomy and independence at the highest functional level for all Residents is a key component to the wellness initiative at Roland Park Place. We know that active aging can extend healthy life expectancy and quality of life.

Roland Park Place is an active partner to Residents and staff seeking well-being, and The Fitness Center is often where the journey to balanced wellness begins.The Fitness Center offers expansive opportunities for Residents to remain physically strong, independent and mobile. Fitness classes are offered six days a week addressing senior-specific challenges such as balance, strength, arthritis and osteoporosis. A Resident Walking Club also offers new and exciting walking adventure trips around the city for opportunities to get moving while taking in the sights of Charm City. Additionally, our Certified Senior Fitness Specialists take care of educating residents on the latest, most effective and most enjoyable methods for exercising in a fun and responsible way.

With all of the Roland Park Place fitness amenities included in the monthly service fee for residents, there is no reason not to take advantage of all of the wonderful health benefits of physical activity.



The Aquatics Program also includes group fitness classes in the pool five mornings a week. The large lap pool is used not only for recreational swimming, but for the soothing, relaxing and therapeutic benefits of water exercise, such as water walking, water aerobics and water yoga.

Included in the monthly service fee, this kind of water-based exercise is known to relieve pain and stiffness, increase functional mobility and circulation, as well as improve balance and coordination.

Also available for free swim and family free time in the afternoons and Saturday mornings, the Aquatics Program welcomes visitors and families of residents to engage in water exercise together, even if just recreationally. The pool and pool house area are also available to rent for parties.


A perfect blend of social interaction, leisure time and exercise, Roland Park Place’s dance and barre studios offer several dance class options for all levels of experience. Discovering the pleasures and virtues of regular exercise and moving to music, Roland Park Place’s Dance Studio offers both a line dancing class and a special class designed for Residents and guests. Among connecting mental well-being to physical activity, dance can also alleviate the challenges of Parkinson’s disease. Dance classes, along with fitness and aquatics classes are all included in the monthly service fee for Residents.


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