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A Continuing Care Retirement Community in the City of Baltimore.

Community Involvement

Since its inception, the Roland Park Place Community, its Residents and staff have consistently remained involved in various projects, volunteer and service efforts within the community.

A generosity of spirit and talent defines the people who contribute to the vibrancy of Roland Park Place and over the years, our commitment and passion to community service has strengthened our ties to citizens and established our place in the neighborhood as a supportive, caring and valued ally. We not only embrace the idea of different neighbors, civic groups, businesses and citizens working together for the betterment of our community, we advocate for it.

As a not-for-profit organization championing teamwork, positive change and civic empowerment, the Roland Park Place Board of Directors appointed a Community Involvement Committee (CIC) to further strengthen our position as a respected partner in the community and reinforce our commitment to partnerships and service. The CIC’s latest report on our community involvement will be available for download this summer.

Our philosophy includes a commitment to serve as a resource and provider of service to the greater Baltimore City community and we actively seek opportunities to assist our surrounding neighbors. If you know of a local project or organization that might benefit from our service, please contact Sara Blumberg at 410-243-6825.

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